A Witch's Blessing

The Spooky Hollow

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Fort Akar and Beyond

Alaric is known to many in the town and he’s greeted as the group waits to cross the river. Among the waiting ferry passengers are workers ready to start another day of construction on the expansion to the Fort. Also catching the ferry are guards coming back from a few days furlough. Most of the goods going across were food stuffs and other necessary items the Fort would need. Once everything was packed the ferry set off and crossed to the other side of the river.

Walking through the camps near the river outside the fort, the groups’ senses were assailed by the smell of cooking fires and the noises of the early stirrings of the camp. Breakfast was being served to the multitude and meals would soon be prepared for lunch. Once past this, the group made their way towards the only permanent structures outside the Fort – a tavern, a warehouse, a stable and a stockade. At the tavern, called the Drunken Moth, they enquired of the barkeep (Ernie) a drink and some local gossip. At some point the conversation came around to the dead scout and they were told that many of the rangers and scouts used by the Fort were locals and regulars at The Moth. The local gossip had nothing strange going on out in the wilderness to the north, however, other directions were promising… The calm before the storm perhaps?

Not long after this, with supplies gathered, the group set out northwards following what they judged to be the correct path as indicated from the dead scouts’ journal.

Rumours and Information Gathered

  • Rumour – Caravan attacked to the west with no survivors. The caravan was travelling from Baca to Arian.
  • Poster – Gavin Linkerly wanted for questioning in a number of high class thefts in Baca. Reward offered for his location and or apprehension (there is a poor drawing of the man’ face on the poster as well).
  • Poster – Guards wanted for caravan and barge duty. Enquiry at the local office of the Trimbole Consortium for more details. Offices in Baca, Parp and Two Towns.
  • Rumour – once work is finished at the Fort the construction crews will travel west and begin the same expansion at Fort Brandt.
  • Poster – Like the Wilderness and exploring uncharted lands? Become a scout for the Timiro Kingdom and be paid to map the lands beyond the northern Timiro border. See the Master Sergeant in Fort Akar for details.
  • Rumour – The Fort’s extensions can mean only one thing; acquisition of new territory! Adventurers will soon be needed to go into the Old Kingdom. Imagine the wealth and knowledge one could find!!
  • Rumour – there has been an increase in banditry all along the border with the Kingdom of Peningshir. Talk has it that the last bad harvest has the people close to starvation while the nobility live well without a care in the world.
  • Rumour – A member of the Order of the Crow was recently in Bryne. The Order is made up of Magic Users and no one knows what his purpose was for stopping here. He stayed a few days then is believed to have crossed the river.
The Story So Far...

The adventure started with the players investigating a mysterious ritualistic murder in the township of Bryne. Bryne is situated within the Timiro Kingdom, on the border with the Kingdom of Peningshir and the Old Kingdom River. The town has faced its share of raids in the past, but life has been good and quiet for many years. Now there has been the murder of a local scout and some of the local council members are nervous.

It is here that the players meet for the first time. On orders from his Master, Mamose and his gladiator slave Narak, have travelled from Two Towns to the town of Bryne in the northwest. Once in Byrne, the pair meet with Master Hinden and his apprentice, Alaric. The mission is explained – investigate the murder and find out what is going on. Is there a new threat looming to the region? It has been many years since the humanoids of the Old Kingdom have caused any trouble.

Master Hinden tells Mamose that his apprentice Alaric will be accompanying them, assisting him in this investigation and once they have something they should report back. Master Hinden fills the three in on what has been happening in the past few months. There have been a number of animal killings (sheep mainly, but there has been a cow or two), but this had been put down to a rabid beast of some kind. The scout’s death does not have too many people worried, because the news has been quashed by the town council and members of the small Temple of Light and Dark.

The trio leave Master Hinden and head to the Temple of Light and Dark and meet Father Patrick. He is not at all impressed by Mamose but is civil as the greater threat lies elsewhere. An examination of the body finds that it has been drained of all blood and carved into skin are many mystical symbols. On the back of the body is carved the sign of Hell. Father Patrick tells them that this murder was ritualistic and that the animal killings over the past few months probably led up to and culminated with the scout’s murder; like the animal killings were merely practice runs for the real thing.

Found near the body was a notebook, written by the dead scout, outlining his search pattern since leaving the Fort across the river a few weeks ago. His investigations led him to an area about two day’s march north of the Fort, where he had located an overgrown sunken area or depression. After this there are no more entries – nothing to explain how the scout got back to this side of the river! With nothing else to be found, they return to Master Hinden and stay the night before gathering supplies and leaving early the next morning for Fort Akar.


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