Human Necromancer


Human Necromancer Aberrant

Mamose is a serious man who acts like the world is on his shoulders. He is totally focused on his task, and believes whole heartily in the glory of Utu. He has been craving the opportunity to test himself for years, and now it is here he is scared beyond belief. Not of the enemy, but of failing. It has been whispered by many within the cult that his choice of power (necromancy) will consume him in the end. But his father believed in Mamose, and he out to prove his father right and everyone else wrong.

Short History
• Mamose is a very junior member of the Utu Death Cult, following his father, who was a senior priest of Utu.
• To Mamose, his father always seemed a learned, loving family man who preached about the patient god Utu, “he who draws all to his loving embrace”
• When he was young and away studying Mamose was told that his parents had been killed by an uprising that feared Mamose’s father and believed he was practicing evil death magic and satanic rites.
• Mamose was sent to other members of the cult for upbringing.
• Mamose used his natural talent for spellcasting to serve Utu by becoming one of a small number of Utu Necromancers.

Short Term Goals
• Learn about the world, grow in power, serve Utu.
• Learn to “control” the darkness, not be “consumed” by it.
• Test himself.
• Destroy the enemies of Utu.

• Prove to all that he can be as good as his father (ie do what would have made his father proud)
• Bring in wealth to help grow the cult.
• Increase membership of the cult.
• Destroy the enemies of Utu.

• Become a power within the cult of Utu
• Destroy the enemies of Utu.


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