Orc Slave Gladiator


Orc Slave Gladiator Unprincipled

Narak hates being a slave. But he loves the idea of being a gladiator, something he could never have done in his previous life. Narak is smart enough to know if he wants to try and make it as a gladiator he will need to “work” with his “owner”. As long as Narak’s owner is getting Narak where he needs to be Narak will be content. He is happy to strike a bargain as long as it leads to his freedom in the end. He realises if he gets a good owner, then that is someone worth protecting, as he has been owned by less than desirables before.

Short History
• Was a tribal warrior Orc, captured when Narak’s tribe attacked a human settlement.
• Narak was bought by a mining company to do hard labour due to his strength.
• Narak killed a fellow slave in a fight over food and was sentenced to death by fighting.
• Narak (barehanded) killed 5 good men in combat, due to his skill was sold to a gladiator school.
• (if use Mamose) Narak was taught how to fight and then sold as a rookie gladiator to the cult of Utu who want Narak to make them money. (they realise it is high risk)
• (if use Blaise) Narak was taught how to fight and then sold as a rookie gladiator to a Warlock who likes the idea of having a slave to order around, and wants to make some money and get some fame.

Short Term Goals
• Stay Alive
• Win Bouts, get experience, learn

• Wealth
• Fame

• Freedom
• Maybe Power?? Depends of what happens.


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