Each entry has a small description \ overview of the location and will also include any details of importance to the campaign that the player characters have discovered.

Bryne :- Bryne is a medium-sized farming community located on the Timrio Border. The fertile soil makes for excellent farming and is the reason for the town’s existence. In the past the town has experienced raids by humanoids that have crossed for the Old Kingdom, but with the Fort’s continued success in holding most of these raids at bay, the township has been a peaceful place for the last few years. As a result trade is good and produce from farming is sent south to Two Towns or inland to Parp and on to the markets inside the kingdom.

Two Towns :- A dual township with one half of the town on the Timiro side of the border and the other half on the Peningshir side . Since all people travelling through the Kingdom of Peningshir have to stay on the King’s Highway that crosses its lands, Two Towns has become the main trade and customs hub for the region. It is also an excellent haven for a servant of Ute and a Gladiator slave to be based.

Fort Akar :- This outpost was given a major boost four years ago in funds and manpower to help deal with the humanoid raids. Local scouts are hired and travel a number of days ride around the region watching and monitoring what is going on. The death of the scout has put the Fort on alert. The Old Kingdom River is wide here and there is a ferry that moves goods and services back and forth across the river as needed for a fee. The Fort is currently expanding its fortifications and it is rumoured the garrison will also get a major increase in manpower once more before the years end.

Outside the Fort and its extension are four permanent structures – the Drunken Moth Tavern, a Warehouse, a Stable and a Stockade. A large camp of followers, cooks and transient workers have set up between the river and the fort to assist the construction workers.

Stone Towers \ Keeps :- Just over 20 years ago, work was commenced on a series of stone Towers \ Keeps that were built along the Old Kingdom River as a defensive system. Since then a number were destroyed by humanoid attacks, but as an early warning system they did their job well. The Timiro and Peningshir kingdoms jointly funded the building project, but upkeep since completion has not been a high priority for either kingdom, especially since in the past 4 years there have been no major incursions. There are still a number of the Keeps \ Towers on the Peningshir side of the border, though they are under manned. Fort Akar was the last keep built on the Timiro side and is the only one that has been maintained and expanded.


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