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Campaign Introduction

A Witch’s Blessing is set around the border region of the Timiro Kingdom, the Old Kingdom and the Kingdom of Peningshir (Eastern Territories). The players have returned from an encounter that has changed them and their actions will shape everything they do from now on. No matter what happens, it will be fun!

Wiki Overview

The Adventure Log gives readers a quick history lesson, starting with ‘The Story so Far’ on how the players characters came to be in the predicament they are in at the start of the campaign. After that will be summarised session notes as well as notes from the players point of view.

The NPC page introduces the many friendly, unfriendly and neutral faces the players shall meet in their travels.

The Locations page gives details on the places the players will visit during the course of the campaign.

I will also (eventually!) update the map page with an overall map of the south-eastern portion of the Palladium World where my campaign is based.

Main Page

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